ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. ("ZEE"), a global media and entertainment powerhouse, has taken another giant, pioneering leap forward by securing a United States (US) Patent on its Z5X Experience Center developed at ZEE Media Labs in Silicon Valley.
Built on robust and state of the art technologies like 3D Audio, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Digital Scent, Holograms and touch, the Z5X aims to transform the viewers' home environment by providing an exceptional immersive experience. Apart from delivering extraordinary entertainment and information-based content, the platform will also enable the viewers to touch, feel, smell and experience products, with a seamless e-commerce ecosystem.
Although the Z5X is still in the prototyping stage, this US Patent emboldens ZEE to reveal the presence of this ground-breaking technology to the world. ZEE Media Lab will continue to innovate in Silicon Valley and work towards integrating technologies with a sheer focus on creating ultra-realistic augmented and virtual reality experiences.